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Winter Prints – Limited Edition Collection

By January 16, 2018February 26th, 2018Jessica Zoob's Latest News
British Artist Jessica Zoob Winter Print Collection

Winter Art Inspiration

Winter is a time for dreaming
As it holds the promise
Of every new beginning

I love winter when the skies are clear and the wind bites you as you stride out for adventure but also those quieter grey dreary days when you just need to cosy up by a fire and be pensive for a while. We all need time to think and plan and dream our futures into being and winter can give us those precious moments of contemplation.

I have added a selection of paintings from my fine art collections,  that remind me of winter to my online store. I have previously added an Autumn Fine Art Print Collection to my online store and a Summer Fine Art Print Collection

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Which Type Of Print To Choose

Once you have chosen the limited edition print you would like to buy for yourself,  or as a gift for a loved one you will need to choose the format. To help you decide there is lots of information and images on my website.


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Winter Fine Art Limited Edition Print Collection

Winter Triptych

Three works that are part of a series of twelve paintings with each triptych representing a season. You can view the series on my Happiness Fine Art Collection.

Winter, the final three in my Four Seasons Collection. Wintry light has its own delicate and particular beauty. The muted pallet in stark contrast with the wildness of Autumn

Buy Winter 1 print here Buy Winter 2 print here Buy Winter 3 print here

Moonlit Garden

I love wandering around my garden in the moonlight. All that is so familiar is transformed and re imagined and the garden feels like a place full of fairy tales

Buy Moonlit Garden Limited Edition Print Here

Dark Green Lake

It is quite unusual for me to use this particular green and I love the energy it gives to all the other colours.

Buy Dark Green Lake Limited Edition Print Here

Delicate Dancing 1 & 2

Soft and dream like, these paintings ask you to gaze into them and lose yourself for a while.

Buy Delicate Dancing 1 Limited Edition Print Here Buy Delicate Dancing 2 Limited Edition Print Here

Hill Walking 1 & 2

One of my favourite things to do is to go for blustery walks through wild places and these paintings try to encapsulate that joy.

Buy Hill Walking 1 Limited Edition Print Here Buy Hill Walking 2 Limited Edition Print Here

Shining Through 1 & 2

There is tremendous beauty in wild desolate nature, especially in bleak mid winter when all is dormant but waiting to be re awakened.

Buy Shining Through 1 Limited Edition Print Here Buy Shining Through 2 Limited Edition Print Here

Quiet Place

This is probably one of my favourite dream paintings. Winter is a time to make plans and where better to do that than in a Quiet Place.

Buy Quiet Place Limited Edition Print Here

Sunshine On A Rainy Day

One of the things I feel very strongly about is that even in the darkest times there is always hope and redemption. The idea of sunshine after rain is therefore a hugely powerful metaphor which I often return to in my work.

Buy Sunshine On A Rainy Day Limited Edition Print Here

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