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“I first encountered Jessica’s work when I interviewed her for the Sunday Times ‘Style’ magazine. I was quite simply blown away by her ability to translate raw emotion and energy onto the canvas, creating whole domains of colour and texture that touch a nerve deep inside our own psyche. Because her work is not constrained by obvious figurative or landscape content, the eye is free to explore the layers within and discover its own worlds – no wonder then that she is the artist of choice for many leading, international interior designers, as her paintings sit as happily in very simple, contemporary interiors as in the lavish and the opulent.”

Helen Chislett, Journalist & Author.

Jessica Zoob creates abstract worlds in which the imagination can roam freely and pleasurably through deeply-layered, impressionistic landscapes. I find her work both emotive and engaging.”

Nicole Swengley, Journalist, the Financial Times How to Spend It.


“NEO Bankside was privileged to host Jessica Zoob’s powerful and indulging “Passion” series in a dedicated exhibition over the summer of 2012. The exhibit showcased works brimming with depth and emotion, highlighting Jessica’s undoubted talent. ‘Passion’, a 6 panelled masterpiece of intensity, colour and mystery was the pinnacle of an extraordinary collection, intensified only by the iconic view across the Thames to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Jessica’s works are thought provoking and serene, powerful and rich. NEO Bankside was very honoured to have been able to showcase such a formidable talent.”

Walter Dalkeith – NEO Bankside

“Zoob’s use of line, texture and colour recall the work of Gerhard Richter’s abstract paintings and the poetic quality of Claude Monet’s later works. However, they are rich in imagination with an innate energy and beauty all of their own.”

Leonie Irvine, Medici Gallery

“Jessica’s work is simply beautiful, I can’t help but smile when I see it.”

Juliette Loughran – Loughran Gallery

“These paintings are truly beautiful.”

Bernard Jacobson


“I was so fortunate to have met Jessica earlier this year and to see her paintings, which are stunningly beautiful and unique. A photograph cannot do justice to her paintings. Abstracted and atmospheric, the textures and vitality of her paintings need to be seen to be appreciated. I am looking forward to the New Year to receive Jessica’s painting I commissioned for a client. He too is very excited. We fear the painting may be completed before the house.”

Mary Fox Linton

“Jessica’s work is absolutely inspiring. Her pieces have a mystic quality that transports you to magical places. The movement and textures in her paintings are exciting, calming and intriguing – all at the same time. We have worked with Jessica on a number of commissions, and she’s surpassed our expectations every time.”

Daniel Kostiuc – Intarya

“I was searching for a special artwork to feature in the atrium of an important clients’ Mediterranean villa. I contacted Jessica immediately. The triptych painting she produced for me, in her signature abstract style, creates an incredible atmosphere in the space. I love her exuberant use of texture, colour and pattern.”

Yvette Taylor – Taylor Interiors


“What I love about Jessica’s landscapes are probably that they are more intuitive rather than planned. The manner in which she builds up cumulative layers of paint by adding, moving, and subtracting paint. Her canvases have the same intrinsic beauty of a palimpsest where layers are scraped back to expose prior layers and then blurred again. Jessica’s abstract work is remarkable for the illusion of space that it develops out of this incidental process.”

Paulo Marto – Paul+O Architects


“Jessica Zoob has a well earned reputation among art galleries and critics for painting canvasses which transform interiors. Fawn Art Consultancy have had the privilege of watching Jessica’s work evolve through sheer dedication and passion. Our clients have been moved by the emotional narrative she shares with us, often resulting in a feeling of exhilaration. We are excited to see what she does next!”

Fawn Art Consultancy


I feel as if I’ve been filled full of light

I am speechless

I dream into your paintings


Intriguing and beautiful

What a glorious place


This work inspires my soul

I feel healed

I feel transported to another world

Fascinating textures and subtle colours

Really light, fun, beautiful work

Utterly inspiring

I was transported - to the arctic, to a stormy sea, to a thai creek in the jungle. Just lovely

Died and gone to heaven! Your work is so wonderful!