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Fine Art Paintings in Progress

I am endlessly fascinated by oil paint and become totally obsessed with jewel colours, wild colours and gentle muted colours.

The lavish oils and glorious colours of the glazes are such a joy to work with and I can happily spend 18 hours a day in my art studio painting. It is a roller coaster of a process with tremendous highs and lows, and there are intense, crazy exhilarating days where I feel completely lost in the layers and details and a world of imagination. These paintings often take years to create and in the process many layers are obliterated. In the final versions only tiny glimpses of these lost layers remain.

After long, solitary days it is the most wonderful feeling seeing my paintings come to life.

To see more images of my ‘work in progress’ please visit my ‘In My Studio’ Pinterest Board, I hope you will enjoy glimpsing the lost layers. For completed fine art paintings you can visit my store, I also sell fine art prints.