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Fine Art Collections

Art For Sale – choosing your oil painting.

Unsold works are available to purchase directly from Jessica Zoob. Click here to contact  You can book a private appointment at the East Sussex Art Studio to view paintings. If you decide to buy you can take the piece with you after payment. Otherwise there is a dedicated courier service who will deliver to your home or office on a specified date.


Works come in a variety of sizes ranging from smaller works at 40 cm to large wall art at 300 cm.


I often takes many years to finish a painting. The journey is a long one and it can take up to eight years to complete a collection. Working with oil paint, applying successive layers and then waiting for them to dry over a long period of time before sometimes risking all in applying the final layer.

Why I Paint

“I paint for the joy of it and each painting speaks of a particular journey in my own life. I am constantly planning the next oil painting, collection and exhibition

In all my collections I aim to capture beauty and create happiness. I am always trying to create work that allows people to lose themselves within it, letting their minds wander and perhaps recognising things from their own dreams or memories. I create work which asks the viewer to take time, sit quietly and contemplate, hoping it will make them smile. ”


“My earlier collections were predominately inspired by nature; beautiful wild landscapes, sea and sky, the gentle misty Sussex Downs and chalk cliffs, flowers, crumbling plaster walls, faded paint, oil on a puddle, butterfly wings, the list is endless!  There is so much beauty everywhere and I try to capture it to create works of art which will engage the viewer’s imagination and lift their spirits. ”


“Colour is hugely important in my work, it’s what brings a piece to life. Most of my recent works in my Happiness and Playtime collections are full of wild, glorious colour. Using luscious, thick oil paints in all the colours of the rainbow has been joyous and so exciting. Our lives are a series of stories and colour can change the way they are told. With this colour palette I aim to take you on a journey and remind you of brighter days and faraway trips with an oasis of wild, luscious colour and vibrancy. ”


“My travels in my university years through Asia hugely influenced my work and gave me my lily motif that I constantly refer to in many of my paintings and collections. They also had a profound effect on me as a person and have made me grateful every day for the incredible freedom that we enjoy in the west. ”

Painting with oils

“I work in oils as I absolutely love the colours and exceptional properties; I feel it is like using silk as opposed to nylon.  As the layers of thick, lavish oils are built up and scraped back over  weeks and months its as if  I’m mining for gold (which in a sense, I am) The final application of glaze transforms them again in a matter of seconds and the work embodies a wonderful texture and depth. “