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” When I went to art school at the age of 19 a most wonderful thing happened, I learned how to look and really see. I felt as if my eyes had been washed and I realised there was beauty everywhere, even in the most unexpected places; a crumbling old wall in an alleyway, peeling posters, an old fishing boat washed up on the shore. It has become my life’s work to try and capture that.
I feel we are living in a terrifying, throw away world and one in which art plays a vital role to remind us to stop, breathe and appreciate what it is that makes us human.
I love the feeling when you visit an art exhibition and stand in front of a painting created hundreds of years ago and you can still feel the presence of the artist shining through.  It is extraordinary the way emotion can be transmitted through this silent art form
The moment a painting starts to take on a life of its own is completely magical. It becomes something so much more than the sum of all the many hundreds of marks it took to create. It is a moment where you can feel the magic in the studio. My heart is pumping I forget to breathe I become entirely lost in colours.
I love working with oil paints because they allow me to play with texture, layers, history and ambiguity. So many of the layers are lost and only glimmer through in the final piece. The process is very time consuming and therefore encapsulates a series of memories and emotions. I can work for days on end painting in my studio completely immersed in the process and often individual paintings will take years to complete. There is always a moment of absolute bravery where I have to sacrifice  so much of the under layers in order to achieve harmony within the finished work of art. There is a smile , the deepest feeling of satisfaction, as a painting is completed.

The cragginess of marks and history are what I love and try to reflect in my work, the beauty in the face of a life well lived. The stories and the scars the depth of wisdom in the eyes are compelling to me.

I am deeply passionate about capturing beauty and creating happiness. “