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Unique Metal Lily Collection and Competition

By November 2, 2017February 26th, 2018Limited Editions

New, Unique Metal Lily Print Collection

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new, unique metal wall art collection on November 16th.  I have chosen four of my favourite lilies from a selection of my original paintings and printed them on to copper, brass, stainless steel and stainless steel with a white ink layer I have never seen anything quite like this amazing technology used to create fine art before!  The inks are infused directly onto the metals giving the colours an amazing depth.  The metallic highlights seep through to create a beautiful, and truly unique piece.

Lilies have always been one of my favourite flowers and they remind me of my time traveling in Asia while I was still a student. I think that must have been the first time I saw them on mass and the image of that magical carpet of colour has stayed with me ever since. I see them often now both in my garden and on my travels and they still seem magical especially when reflected in water. I suppose for me they epitomise adventure and serenity and have therefore become a significant motif within my work.

Metal Lily Product Information

This is a very special limited edition collection as I am only ever creating eight versions of each lily on each different metal. They will never be made again!

Each artwork is 24 x 24 cm and fitted with a sub frame so they are easy to hang. They all work beautifully together so don’t feel restricted to buying just the one!  They also look incredible as tiles without a sub frame or embedded into woodwork. There are so many ways  to use a metal lily print to uplift and transform a space.

Each print will arrive beautifully presented in a bespoke box with a unique numbered aluminium tag and a signed certificate of authenticity printed on high quality, 270gsm archival paper


COPPER – £730
BRASS – £630
STEEL – £530

Until Lily Launch

Competition Entry:

I will be holding back the number ‘one’ of each lily for 24 hours after launch day to give the winner the exclusive opportunity to choose their favourite lily and be the owner of the very first edition.

This is a very special prize. Please use the app below to enter…good luck! xx