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A Lovely Afternoon At My East Sussex Studio

By May 3, 2017February 26th, 2018Jessica Zoob's Latest News

On Friday afternoon some lovely bloggers and interior designers  joined me for lunch and a sneak preview of my brand new and largest oil painting to date.  The process of creating this huge artwork has been all consuming and it was such a lovely opportunity to stop painting and enjoy being in my studio with others who brought so much love and light.

Here are some of wonderful photos taken on the day. Click on the links to follow their fabulous Instagram accounts.


Jessica Zoob British Artist Open Studio 1

“Inspiration + Happiness are two emotions that summed up my day yesterday. It was a privilege to spend the day with Jessica Zoob and some rather special people. Viewing paintings by the most beautiful artist brought joy” – Jane Day  Blogger | Stylist | Freelance Writer | Interior Demon | Image Devourer

Thank you so much Jane for your fabulous blogpost: Art = Emotion


“Spending time in Jessica Zoob ‘s amazing studio has been wonderful. I loved meeting like minded people and discovering her latest utterly stunning artwork. Here I played with some of her tools on one of her tables. I just couldn’t resist. I love visiting places where people create. I always come away feeling happy and full of inspiration. ” – Dörte Januszewski Mama, photography inspired by nature & simplicity ?#simplenaturefinds.  Co-founder of Lewes Map Store

Thank you so much Dorte for your lovely blogpost: My visit to artist Jessica Zoob’s preview at her East Sussex based studio


“Gorgeous light at Jessica Zoob’s studio, lovely afternoon spent with lovely folk. Uplifting to say the least! ”  – Julia Smith Aka Humphrey and Grace.  England with episodes of wanderlust.


Jessica Zoob British Artist Open Studio

” I urge you to take some time out to visit here, it really does lift the soul and is hugely inspirational. ”  – Janice Issitt I’m a 57 yr young photographer/stylist/interior alchemist & Blogger. Also a wildlife rescuer, travel junkie and knitter. UK My hashtag #behomefree

Thank you for your wonderful blog Janice  – Jessica Zoob Artist Preview



Jessica Zoob British Artist Open Studio

“Completely in love at Jessica Zoob’s  studio down in East Sussex today – she has just unveiled her newest piece, it’s huge and utterly spellbinding.”  –  Tamsyn Morgans –  Interiors blogger and freelance stylist with a passion for colour, vintage and all things floral. Norfolk, UK.


Jessica Zoob British Artist Open Studio

“Today included a visit to the fabulous – and huge! – Studio of abstract artist Jessica Zoob. Showcasing her latest paintings, some as big as 2m x 3m, the artist was surrounded by friends and family and I was really impressed by 1) the love of colours; her latest collection includes vivid yellows and pink. 2) her choice of media; Jessica has started experimenting with new surfaces and moved from canvas and glass to copper and steel; and 3) the love for her from people who came from far away to be with her on this day. ”  – Jenny SEASONS IN COLOUR The UK’s ‘Best Colour Inspiration Blog’ for interiors as voted in IBAs2016 #seasonsincolour



Jessica Zoob British Artist Open Studio

“Surrounded by wall-to-wall gorgeousness at Jessica Zoob’s studio” –  Davina, Space Alchemy Interior Design. Transforming properties in the UK & Switzerland. BIID Registered Interior Designer.


This weekend May 6/7 and 20/21 I will be opening my studio from 11am – 5pm  to the public. It would be lovely to see you there.



Jessica xxx