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It’s Time To Choose Your Favourite Metal Lily Print – November 16th Launch Day!

By November 7, 2017February 26th, 2018Jessica Zoob's Latest News
The first Jessica Zoob metal print lily collection printed on copper, brass & stainless steel

Launch Day Thursday November 16th 2017 – BUY HERE

It’s time to choose your favourite metal print so you don’t miss out on your most loved lily. Remember they all work beautifully together so don’t feel restricted to buying just the one!  I would love to know which lily you have fallen in love with so please do let me know in the comments.


This is a very special limited edition collection as I am only ever creating eight versions of each lily on each different metal. They will never be made again!

Each artwork is 24 x 24 cm and fitted with a sub frame so they are easy to hang. They all work beautifully together so don’t feel restricted to buying just the one!  They also look incredible as tiles without a sub frame or embedded into woodwork. There are so many ways  to use a metal lily print to uplift and transform a space.

Each print will arrive beautifully presented in a bespoke box with a unique numbered aluminium tag and a signed certificate of authenticity printed on high quality, 270gsm archival paper


COPPER – £730
BRASS – £630
STEEL – £530


2017/11/16 15:00:00


METAL PRINT LILY 1 printed on copper, brass & stainless steel
METAL PRINT LILY 2 printed on copper, brass & stainless steel
METAL PRINT LILY 3 printed on copper, brass & stainless steel
METAL PRINT LILY 4 printed on copper, brass & stainless steel


As this collection is so unique and different to my previous fine art print collections I was nervous about how it would be received. People really love the lilies I have created in my original paintings so I was unsure what they would think of them being represented in this new format.

So far people seem to love them and I have received some wonderful feedback about this new collection including these lovely words from two of my favourite interior bloggers :

“I’ve always loved Jessica’s beautiful signature lilies, and this is such a unique way to bring some of her magical use of colour into your own home.”

Tamsyn Morgans

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from Jessica and her ability to create the most unique and beautiful pieces of art that simply take my breath away. This modern and fresh collection using metal is ingeniously clever and I simply love it”

Jane Day – Tea With Ruby

Why A Print Is More Than Just A Copy Of An Original

I decided to create this collection when I discovered the innovative method of printing high quality images of my work directly onto metals. This offers a completely different and creative outlet to my primary working method of painting with liquid oils. I found this hugely exciting!

Although creating a print involves reproducing an image, a fine art print is so more than just a copy of an original. This project has been a close collaboration with my print studio the DPC in Greenwich, a team of highly skilled technicians. My metal lily prints will never be mass produced. A limited number (editions) of only eight of each lily on each metal have been produced. They will only be sold directly through me, from my online store. As a result they are true works of art.


The competition is now over and the winner has been announced on the email. For all those who signed up for the waiting list, an email has been sent with your link to the pre launch page and a password to get access.

General launch will be today (16th Nov 17) at 3pm.