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Guest Blog From Online Furniture Boutique Sweetpea & Willow

By November 30, 2016February 26th, 2018Blog, Guest Blogs

Hi there, I’m Jacquie Dunton, Founder and Creative Director of Sweetpea & Willow, an online furniture boutique based in West London. When asked to write a guest blog for the one and only Jessica Zoob there was a spark of excitement amongst the office as many of us are huge fans! We have long adored Jessica’s ‘Desire’ fabric range which she created in collaboration with Romo’s Black Edition. And I’ve dreamed of having some of our own sofas upholstered in her lush, vibrant prints. One for the ‘To Do’ list.




Coming from a fine art background myself, having studied at The Chelsea School of Art, I could only have dreamed of making a full time career purely from painting as Jessica has done. Each photo she takes tells a story and it’s incredible to see how she translates them onto the canvas in her paintings, even pictures taken within her own studio instantly look like works of art.



So as you can see, we’ve got a little bit of a crush on Jessica’s work, so when we saw that both Jessica and ourselves were shortlisted at the ‘Amara Interior Blog Awards’ we were ecstatic. Unfortunately the night was such a whirlwind that we didn’t get to meet, despite my efforts to track her down! (Maybe it was one too many cocktails that slowed me down somewhat…) However, since the awards we’ve been in contact, and now I finally have two of her prints in my possession that she’s kindly sent to me so things are looking up!



It’s not hard to see how any one of her works of art would work seamlessly with our own pieces. We can’t help but picture the gorgeous ‘Still Water Dancing Lines’ hanging in the living room with our ‘Delphine Chaise Longue’ and ‘Areca Palm Tree’ which are both enhanced and connected by the delicate colours in this mesmerising painting. In fact if you look at any of her paintings you can have so much fun teaming them with so many pieces from our collections.

We feel so privileged to have been invited personally to Jessica’s workshop next year, it’s a dream come true! I may be a little star struck but I’ll try to compose myself enough to take in my surroundings, smell the paint and try to imagine for a second or two, what it would be like, had I followed my first passion as a painter! One thing I know for sure is that I could never have imagined being as successful or as creative as the wonderful and very lovely Jessica Zoob.