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An Interview with Interiors Blogger Tamysn Morgans

By December 15, 2016February 26th, 2018An Interview with..., Blog, Guest Blogs

I met Tamsyn at the Amara Blog Awards in October and spent such a lovely evening getting to know her. Her beautiful blog The Villa On Mount Pleasant tells the story of her Victorian terrace rennovation. I love Tamysyn’s style and I’m delighted that she is taking part in my new feature: An Interview with…….

Why did you start your blog?

I first discovered the blogging world several years ago, when I stumbled upon some amazing Scandinavian blogs, with the most beautiful pale interiors and painted furniture. I was so inspired by the gorgeous photographs, and thought it was a wonderful way to make a record of one’s home and collections. The following Christmas I got a really decent camera, and tentatively decided to start my own blog. I wasn’t even bothered about whether people would look at it, I just wanted to create a beautiful collection of images of corners of my home. I had no idea back then that it would become such a passion of mine.



Have you always been interested in interiors?

My love of interiors sparked into action when I was 13, and my parents built an extension onto our home. I was given a brand new bedroom, and I was allowed to choose the colour scheme. I remember making a moodboard, and taking it all very seriously! As a teen I spent a lot of time creating little vignettes out of vintage treasures that I found at car boot fairs that I went to with my dad. I loved hunting for retro 60’s prints and crochet blankets in rainbow shades!

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic vintage. My home is full of floral patterns, texture, painted furniture with lots of patina, and twinkling chandeliers. Very little in my home is new. I trawl vintage markets, fairs and car boot fairs for crockery and textiles, and I love the idea of re-using and breathing new life into vintage furniture. I treat my home as an ever evolving mood board, and one day I may choose to go down a more minimalist route, but for now I love to surround myself with the things that inspire me.



What excites you about interior design?

I absolutely love that you can take snippets of trends and make them work in your own home, for example painting a bedside table in the current Pantone colour of the year. I also love the way that anything goes, and you can be completely flamboyant in how you design your own home, especially as many trends filter down to the high street.


What makes a happy home?

Warmth, laughter, candlelight and music, and surrounding yourself with things that you love and inpsire you. Not being too precious about furniture, especially when you have children, which is why choosing vintage items with a little patina is so wonderful. A home should be comfortable and cosy.



Do you have any design rules?

None whatsoever! If it makes you happy, then go for it.



How important is art in interiors?

Art and interiors go hand in hand. Art brings soul, colour and texture into a home, and should be the focal point of any room. Not only that but it’s an incredibly personal thing, and a real expression of a person’s taste. Even the plainest room will make you happy if you surround yourself by art that moves you and connects with your soul.



How important is colour?

I think colour is the very essence of interiors and how you choose to decorate your home. It influences the entire mood in a room, and changes with the light and the seasons. At my last home everything was very calm and neutral, and although I painted this entire house white when I moved here, my use of colour has become a lot bolder – shades of green from turquoise and teal to mint make me really happy, and those colours have become a really important part of my home.



Where do you seek your inspiration?

I adore old seaside towns, their fading facades, pastel beach huts and retro vibe. I never visit a seaside town without taking my camera. I’m also hugely inspired by the things in my own home – textiles, old china, vintage paintings or dahlias from the garden. Everything can be used as a prop for a photograph of a still life. Then obviously I find so much inspiration online, from Pinterest, blogs and Instagram.



What are your top interior design tips?

When you first move somewhere, don’t make any rushed decisions about colour scheme, paint colours or wallpapers. I think it’s so important to live there a little first to see where how the light changes, what mood you want in a room. I also think that using Pinterest is a really brilliant way of gathering ideas and making a mood board of what you love.



What would people be most surprised to know about you?

I love most music genres, but ever since I was 14, I’ve a been total heavy metal/rock chick at heart. Metallica or Nirvana are usually playing in my kitchen. I really love Foals and Royal Blood at the moment, and I’m waiting for them to tour. One of my favourite things to do is go to a good rock gig or festival and have a pint of ale!


Metalica and Nivarna…who would have thought!…Love it!

Thank you so much Tamsyn


Jessica xx