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At Home With Jessica Zoob by Photographer Shirlie Kemp

By October 10, 2014October 30th, 2017Blog, Guest Blogs

With British Artist Jessica Zoob

It was an incredibly hot sunny day as I drove through the beautiful sussex countryside, in fact I got a little bit lost on my journey and ended up driving along a picturesque postcard like lane with huge sussex downs either side of me. I called Jessica to warn her that I maybe be a little late, by the time I got to Jessica’s house, I was hot and achey from the long drive but extremely pleased that I had finally made it in time for our shoot.

Jessica opened her front door almost goddess like, her thick blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes smiled at me with a warm welcome, huge pastel coloured canvases hung on all the walls around her, I felt like I had been swept up by a big fluffy cloud and landed in some kind of spiritual heavenly art retreat.

The thing I love about Jessica is that her work is about fun and self satisfaction. We spent a long time talking about the importance of being creative, life, happiness, our own spiritual journey’s and how passionate we both felt about helping others connect with their own creativity, especially women as we both know the joy & freedom it can bring. In fact, Jessica is the art teacher that I wished I had had at school as a young child! I told her how much of my confidence was taken away from me at school and that feeling can still rear its ugly head now and then but luckily my passion is far greater than my fear.

Its no wonder that Jessica’s is such a successful artist, she puts so much time and energy into each project, I had no idea that it can take between 3/5 years for one canvas. The devotion you need to be an artist is unnerving and thats why only the dedicated and devoted survive the life of an artist.

It was a real pleasure capturing Jessica and her lovely daughters Ana & Kat in their Zoobalicious world of art, colour and laughter.

Jessica sorting out flowers for the shoot below

British Artist Jessica Zoob by Shirlie Kemp


Kat Zoob photo Shirlie Kemp

Kat just loved dressing up in this beautiful vintage dress


The Zoob Girls by Shilie Kemp

I love the photo of the girls outside in the secret garden


British Artist Jessica Zoob by Shirlie Kemp

This was the last shot I took of Jessica at the end of a long day, it turned out to be my favourite and what I would do for that hair!


Pleasure Gardens Jessica Zoob

A few images of Jessica’s Art

Jessica Zoob Art



Jessica Zoob Desire for Romo

You have to check out Jessica Zoob fabrics and wall papers

I said she was a goddess

Jessica Zoob British Artist by Shirlie Kemp


Kat & Ana flower arranging

The Zoob Girls by Shilie Kemp 2



At the Zoob house by Shirlie Kemp



Kat Zoob by Shirlie Kemp



Anna Zoob by Shirlie Kemp

Ana looking stunning in black


Kat Zoob by Shirlie Kemp 2

Kat looking lovely and all grown up!


End of the shoot, we were all exhausted but still smiling because thats how you feel when you have been Zoobed!

shirl and zoobs

Thank you Jessica Kat & Ana for a truly lovely day!

Thank you Shirlie Kemp for your wonderful photos!!

All images are copyright of Shirlie Kemp please contact if you would like to use any images.















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