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Unbelievable Dream #Video Portrait

By April 7, 2016October 30th, 2017Blog, Vlog - Video Portraits

If you wish hard enough I believe your dreams do come true. When I am working it is almost as if I am seeing my dreams come to life! The lyrics from Laura Mvula’s beautiful song ‘Unbelievable Dream’ really resonate with me. It is so important to hold onto your dreams even if it takes years for them to become your reality!

“Together let’s take the long road

Be part of a story to be told
Together let’s take a long road
Just sit and wonder

Unbelievable dream
Don’t wrap it up and throw it away
Unbelievable dream
Out of the blue can it be true?

Out of reach it might seem
Upon a cloud a color of doubt
Unbelievable dream
Don’t throw it away

Sunshine bright on the mountain
Impossible beauty to be found
We fly higher than ever
Open your eyes wide

Unbelievable dream”

My love and sheer joy of painting has kept me fascinated and entranced and constantly striving in my quest to create beauty. Working on them is all encompassing and I become totally  engrossed and lost in the process.  Some pieces can take years to finish as the layers of thick, lavish oils are built up and scraped back.   Here’s a glimpse into the process of creating my artwork:



I will be opening my studio for the first time ever in May. This will be a rare opportunity to see unfinished works in progress as well as a chance to view and purchase my finished oil paintings and see the space where they are created. I hope to see you there!


Lots of love, Jessica xx


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