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Pale Blue Day – A Poem

By June 1, 2016October 30th, 2017Blog, Inspiration, Jessica Zoob's Latest News

At my Artwave open studio last year I ran a special giveaway to win one of my favourite original miniatures, Pale Blue Day.

Freelance writer, Jessica Whyte won Pale Blue Day and it was so wonderful to call her with the good news. She was at the hospital as her little nephew had just arrived in the world so the timing was magical! It was lovely to see Jessica again when she came along to my May Open Studio She told me she’d written a poem about her winning painting and a few days later I received a special email from Jessica:

“As promised, I am sending you the poem I wrote in response to my wonderful winning painting ‘Pale Blue Day’. I enjoy looking at the painting every day, it has pride of place on my bedroom mantelpiece. I still can’t believe I won it, I’m just so lucky!”


Pale blue day


Pale Blue Day

The pale blue day dawns
blushing with delight.
Early morning ebbs and flows,
leading me across the shimmering lake
into the light.
In the sharpening sunrise
mountains vault the sky
as day descends,
settles into its stride.
Reflections scatter,
escaping into promised hours,
while minutes slip away into shadows.
I seek the soft caress of midday clouds,
the gentle warmth of an edgeless afternoon,
but all too soon comes the silent kiss of sunset,
the tender touch of a darkening dusk.
I cling to the last glimmer of light,
refusing to accept today is done.
I can only part from the pale blue day
when the night sky dances
with a scattering of twilight stars.

Jessica Whyte 2015


How incredibly beautiful! I think it would be wonderful to collect more poems about my paintings so I am going to launch a competition soon…watch this space.


Thank you for your inspiring, touching words Jessica!


Jessica xx


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