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My Woodland Garden – the adventure begins!

By November 17, 2016February 26th, 2018Blog, Inspiration, Jessica Zoob's Latest News

When I used to envisage my dream garden I didn’t particularly imagine woodland or wildflower meadows but now I find myself on the edge of an ancient forest and the land is talking to me.


I have started to sketch out the beginnings of a new magical landscape using trees instead of paint and it feels like the start of a lifetimes work. As if I am beginning my largest and most ambitious artwork and that I will find it all consuming and compelling forever.  A whole new world to sculpt and colour in with plants, wildlife and water, I am literally beyond excited! There is so much to learn and so much to do. The first stage is tree planting which is a steep but thrilling learning curve.




I have been busy researching trees and have found visiting High Beeches fantastically inspiring. They began planting in the early 1900’s and the results of that vision are glorious. It makes me want to live a very long time and plant very big trees!!


I will be working with the Woodland Trust once all the landscaping is complete but in the meantime English Woodland has become my favourite place to shop!!  I’ve been collecting all my wishes andinspirations on my Woodland Garden Pinterest Board

I envisage a three dimensional fairytale full of sun filled glades, birds, dragonflies and butterflies!! It is extraordinary to build something which will grow and change and hopefully be full of wildlife. If you have any favourite native trees or any advice about planting on clay please do let me know!



A Blessing for the Woods
by Michael S. Glaser

Before I leave, almost without noticing,
before I cross the road and head toward
what I have intentionally postponed—

Let me stop to say a blessing for these woods:
for crows barking and squirrels scampering,
for trees and fungus and multi-coloured leaves,

for the way sunlight laces with shadows
through each branch and leaf of tree,
for these paths that take me in,
for these paths that lead me out.


Jessica xx



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