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5 Ways Prefabs Have Become Even More Loveable.

By February 15, 2017February 26th, 2018Blog, Guest Blogs

I am in the middle of a huge renovation project including an extension on our cottage and a new art studio. I’ve been pinning my inspirations on my Pinterest board so when Revolution Precrafted got in touch I was interested to learn more about prefab homes!


When prefabs were first introduced in the market, it was a trend worth following. During an era where industrialization was at hand, the idea of building resilient precrafted homes were a welcomed demand for families and individuals in need of a new home, as well as commercial establishments in need of mass accommodation.

Prefabrication was not completely a popular concept due to its movability and process of building parts in a separate location until the end of the Industrial Revolution happened, where technology paved the way for prefabs to become more accessible and achievable for all.

Since then, the charm of prefabs was passed for generations and are now a preferred housing choice of many. From a mere factory-manufactured home to becoming the top pick for a grander style of living, prefabs continue to appeal to property developers, designers, and owners. It can also be said that prefabs are now the future, as it continues to revolutionize communities for a safer and complementing way of life.

If you’re already charmed with the idea of a prefab home, here are five other reasons which will make you love it even more

1.Sustainable and energy efficient

‘Modular Glass House’ by Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects

Prefab homes are engineered in a way where you can reduce costs while saving energy. Prefabs are a huge step from the traditional housing, as most parts are built in a factory, which saves energy and offers an opportunity to recycle materials.

Prefabs are made in a controlled environment to assure construction parts are accurate, and the process won’t pollute the environment.

2. Quality assurance

‘Eden’’ by Marcel Wanders

Since prefab parts are built and manufactured in a factory, you can be sure that quality protocols and standards are always met. Prefabs are crafted in a way where it can also withstand disasters and time wear out.

An expert team will also constantly inspect the process and pieces to ensure everything can be finished on time—nothing more, nothing less. Your dream home will be in good hands if it’s prefab.

3. Fast and well-organized

‘Simple’ by Jean Nouvel

In just 90 days or so, you can have your prefab home delivered to you instantly. Due to advanced planning and discussions, collective construction of prefab parts, and elimination of possible building delays such as weather, illness, and contract scheduling, developing a prefab home sticks to a strict timeline and working methods.

4. Budget friendly and affordability

‘Home’ by Tom Dixson

Custom doesn’t instantly mean it’s expensive. In prefab, customization is the way to go without breaking your wallet. Prefabs reduce costs in terms of energy, efficient working trends, labor, bulk material discounts, and work delivery since the process follows a strict timeline and methods.

These reduced costs will furnish your home and make it more affordable than you deem it to be without worrying about delay concerns and contractors that “run like a thief in the night.


5.Own a designer home

‘Instrumental Home’ by Marmol Radziner Architects and Lenny Kravitz

A lot of world-renown designers and architects are collaborating with prefab manufacturers to market their property designs to the interested public. If you’re following the design wonders of Marcel Wanders, Tom Dixon, Marmol Radziner, and a whole lot more, prefabs will grant you a chance to live life to the fullest in distinguished designer homes. With prefab, choosing your own living style is an easy task.

Modern day architecture went through various housing trends and societal changes before becoming what it is today. If you look around, you can see buildings, houses, and properties molded to fit the needs and wants of individuals. In every piece, you can see and feel every architect and designer’s hard work and effort.

This is what prefabs are all about. It’s a revolution in housing and living spaces to suit your needs and wants. Whatever your lifestyle is, there’s a matching prefab for you.




Disclosure: This post was written by Ash Genete is a consultant for Revolution Precrafted.



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