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Artists Working with Interior Designers

By December 26, 2013March 15th, 2018Blog

I have been lucky enough to work with some truly wonderful interior designers, it is an incredibly challenging and rewarding process and I would like to thank them all so much for trusting me with such a critical aspect of their beautiful schemes!!



Fox Linton

Drawing room at Wool House

Drawing room at ‘Wool House’– Somerset House, March 13


Jessica Zoob for Fox-Linton- Eaton Square

Eaton Square


“I was so fortunate to have met Jessica earlier this year and to see her paintings, which are stunningly beautiful and unique. A photograph cannot do justice to her paintings. Abstracted and atmospheric, the textures and vitality of her paintings need to be seen to be appreciated. I am looking forward to the New Year to receive Jessica’s painting I commissioned for a client. He too is very excited. We fear the painting may be completed before the house.” –  Mary Fox-Linton






delicate balance

Delicate Balance



Lancasters Lobby



Lancasters Show Apartment


“Jessica’s work is absolutely inspiring. Her pieces have a mystic quality that transports you to magical places. The movement and textures in her paintings are exciting, calming and intriguing – all at the same time. We have worked with Jessica on a number of commissions, and she’s surpassed our expectations every time.”  – Daniel Kostiuc 



Dancing Light

Dancing Light, created for the main reception room over the fireplace.


land of my dreams

Land of my Dreams, created for the master bedroom.