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Thoughtful, Original Interior Designs.

By February 18, 2016October 30th, 2017Blog, Guest Blogs

I recently wrote a guest blog for Kingston Lafferty Design on my top tips for using social media to promote her fine art for interiors.


Kingston Lafferty Design are an award-winning, international multi-disciplinary design company based in Dublin, Ireland. We have worked across Europe from Dublin to Geneva, via London and Paris, in both the commercial and residential arenas.

Rosie Lafferty shares their story:

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“Thrilled to be a guest on Jessica’s blog! Her stunning paintings are the very style of art that adds dreamy elements to interiors.

My name is Roisin Lafferty and I am the Managing Director and Senior Designer at Kingston Lafferty Design, an award-winning multidisciplinary design firm based in Dublin, Ireland. We focus on interior architecture and design, but our services extend to graphic design and branding.
For KLD, it all starts with the spirit of inquiry, which is fully comprehending the desires and necessities of a client. We then seek to transcend such expectations with incomparable depth and inventive solutions.
We work with clients to deliver thoughtful, original interior designs that are beautiful, stylish, reflect their personalities and maximise space. A thoroughly thought out spatial layout is the foundation of a proper interior architecture project; the space must be highly practical while also providing a thrilling experience for the client. Aesthetics and functionality are equally important!

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Design is about impact: how surroundings directly affect mood and how design can amplify that. But the forefront of impact at KLD is the one we have on the clients we collaborate with.
Our detailed processes makes for unique work that really stands out by encapsulating the spirit of the respective projects. From designing a brand new build, all the way through to sourcing and specification of products, materials and finishes, our passion is consistent.

We are made up of a small, enthusiastic team and are constantly getting inspiration from differing outlets since we cover various branches of design. Keeping up with social media platforms and maintaining our blog is another crucial component of the company dynamic.
We frequently share quick #toptips for interior spaces to keep our minds stimulated with fresh concepts. Our weekly “3 of the Best” posts are theme specific, from side tables to cushions, and reference their respective suppliers. How to’s and progress posts are also integral to our digital agenda. We additionally cover personal inspiration and relevant events through blog posts.

Forming ideas for these subjects keeps us on our toes and is also a great method to show support for our favourite businesses. Writing and reflecting on creative subject matter further enhances our imaginations and thus our design processes, while also providing interesting content to the online community. Actively participating in the online community also introduces us to incredibly creative people who further influence us.

Digital platforms not only showcase our projects, but our quirks and outings as well. It is important to display our personalities and everyday inspiration, happenings and ideas as they make up the collective KLD identity! Our team is made up of unique individuals from different counties and countries; these distinctive characteristics and perspectives are integral factors to the company. Good design is always a collaboration of creativity, therefore having a diverse team is very important as we all have inherently original and influential​​ contributions.”

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Thank you Rosie

Jessica xx



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