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“There is so much love in this house” Thank you Artwave!!

By September 12, 2013October 30th, 2017Blog, Jessica Zoob's Latest News

My Artwave Open House has been incredible this year and after three wonderful weekends of opening my home for people to see my work I am now closing my door.

A HUGE  thankyou to everybody for coming and making it such an extraordinary event!  I really was quite overwhelmed!


Here are some of the lovely comments from my visitors book….


“It was a delight to come to your Open Studio again last weekend – your work is always such an inspiration!    Imogen and I enjoyed having the chance to look at the wonderful and varied collection in a very leisurely way.  Thank you also for being so gracious and welcoming to your visitors – it’s a pleasure to have a chance for some conversation with you!”


“As well as the pictures on display, we loved seeing the sample Romo fabric, which looks absolutely stunning and we look forward with much anticipation to the launch of that collection.  It was very interesting to hear from you what care had been taken by Romo in producing such a satisfactory result – and how brilliant to be on the cusp of launching a textile collection….:)”


“I’m not very well-versed in the mysteries of social media etc (!) but I discovered your Pinterest board for the Decorex Silk Route competition via the judge’s commendation on the Decorex website.   I just love it – having been captivated by China since my first visit in the early ’70s, I never tire of images of all things Chinese, and I shall return to your board again to absorb the variety – what a fascinating juxtaposition of images and made extra special by the intertwining of your own personal journey.    The preview glimpses of the sculptures look absolutely amazing!”


“Hope maybe to get to the gallery launch, Decorex, or both – what an exciting time with all these new ventures! Our very best wishes for all these upcoming events, as well as your final Open Studio this weekend,”


 “Lots of love – you’ve been, and continue to be, such an inspiration to me over the years. I’m so very glad we met  “


“Your work is beautiful and it was such a treat that you opened your home for us to view it.  Thank you for the glass of champagne as well!”


“What wonderful work you do full of atmosphere and intrigue with all the layering you have mastered. I love the soft blend of colours you use. Your work is gorgeous and uplifting and your house was a lovely backdrop for it.”
“It was an absolute pleasure to visit your beautiful house and see your wonderful new work and hear about your exciting projects at the weekend. Your work is stunning and radiates positivity and calm in an all too hectic world,it seems that these qualities are a reflection of you and your outlook which is why they feel so personal and intimate.
Thank you to you and Karl for making me feel so welcome, to be honest I could have stayed and looked at your work all day.”

“Your paintings are very impressive and dreamy. Thank you for your wonderful exhibition in Lewes, and the delicious sparkling wine!”.


“ Stunning, brilliant and uplifting”


“This is where the sunshine comes from”


“Jessica – you got me dreaming – a rare moment to hold, how do you do it?


“I’m lost for words! It’s like the garden of earthly delights in abstraction, love it!”


“There is so much love in this house”