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Sculpture – my latest adventure!

By August 29, 2013March 28th, 2017Blog, Jessica Zoob's Latest News

I have spent the last few months holed up in the workshop with Karl Smith, barely seeing the light of day, creating sculptures. What a mad adventure it is!

To actually see my thoughts and ideas transforming into incredibly beautiful pieces of fine art is completely wonderful.

The process is physically demanding and actually quite dangerous as we are using highly toxic, liquid resin which gets incredibly hot and is totally poisonous!

We are making three sculptures inspired by ‘Silkroute’ the theme for this years Decorex. I have decided to call the piece ‘Adventure’ I was thrilled to hear the theme for this years Decorex as I have been fascinated by China and Tibet since I was a little girl. My time spent there as a student affected me profoundly both as an artist and as a person. My paintings are often directly influenced and inspired by China. These Architectural Sculptures will be a deeply personal homage to a country I love so much.

Each one is unique  made using Swarovski crystals, butterflies, stone, metal, prayer flags, wood, and painted elements. These are layered into liquid resin, set in a mould and then polished. They are nearly 3m tall and beyond heavy so to flip them over is a huge achievement! We still haven’t got them upright so wish me luck! I am working with the engineers this week so fingers crossed!

The sculptures are probably the hardest, most exhausting thing I have ever made but also the most exciting and rewarding!

The big reveal will be at Decorex this September and I can’t wait to show them! So excited!!

‘Work in Progress’














_workinprogress__sculpture__decorex__art__butterflies__swarovski__silkroute_by_jessicazoobart (1)














 For more images of my work in progress please check out my ‘Sculpture Pinboard’

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