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Questions and Answers continued……

By May 9, 2013March 28th, 2017Blog, Questions from students

In March I wrote a blogpost offering advice to Art Students  – Questions and Answers

Recently I was emailed a questionnaire from an Art student at Reading University. She was required to provide a written study of a living artist, whose work she found  inspiring. I was happy to oblige and wanted to share my responses on my blog

What, if any, art qualifications do you have?

  • Art A level
  • Foundation  in fine art from Central School of Art.  I went there because it was the most exciting foundation course in London at the time. Absolutely loved it!
  • Theatre Design degree from Nottingham University BA Hons 1st.  I chose to study in Nottingham because I really liked the opportunities it offered for professional placement.

Do you consider yourself to be self-taught? 

In a way I do consider myself to be a self taught painter as I didn’t go down the traditional fine art painting training route as my first love was Theatre. The great thing about my training was that we were taught to draw which I do feel is a vital skill as a building block.

How would you describe your art practice?

I would probably describe my art as Contemporary Impressionism if I absolutely had to label it.

 Have you always worked in/with your current medium/s?

I am constantly exploring new mediums and techniques, however I always do return to oils as I really love the quality and richness of the colours. I am currently experimenting with glass, poured resin and crystal so I never set limits on my materials!

Which artists and what art has influenced your work?

I love Monet, Paul Klee, Ben Nicholson, Modigliani, Kurt Schwitters, Turner’s unfinished works. For more British Contemporary Art I admire click here

 What are your views on contemporary art?

I think that the time for gimmicks and shock tactics within the art world is passing and that the new brave curators will find a way to rediscover and embrace beauty. For more on how I feel about Contemporary Fine Art and Contemporary Fine Artists I admire click here

 What are your views on Art Education today?

Unfortunately I have spoken to too many fragile and battered students both past and present who feel they have had all their spontaneous creativity theorised out of them. The need to justify every mark and colour choice before making removes any sense of joy they may have been trying to communicate, to have a terribly high opinion of art education.

I am hoping that there are lots of happy and encouraged students out there who do feel really nurtured by their colleges and I would dearly loved to be proved wrong.