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Playing with wild and crazy colours to create happiness

By January 15, 2015October 30th, 2017Blog, Inspiration, Jessica Zoob's Latest News

My work is often described as contemporary impressionism, I am not sure if that is an accurate description, evocative landscapes might be more appropriate. One thing I do know is that I am becoming obsessed by wild colour! The new collection #Playtime is going to be absolutely full of it!

I have had the most extraordinary week in my studio painting obsessively! Do check out my Instagram feed for the latest updates. If you’re a Pinterest fan you can find images of my latest work there and on my Facebook page. I can’t wait to show you the real things in the spring!

Our lives are a series of stories and colour can change the way they are told. With my playtime palette I aim to take you on a journey and remind you of brighter days and faraway trips with an oasis of wild, luscious colour and vibrancy.

playing with colour in Jessica Zoob's studio

In my early collections I loved working with paints in powerful primary colours.

Irresistible Desire 2 was featured on the cover of Viva Lewes in 2007

Jessica Zoob Viva Lewes Cover


In collections that followed such as Stories Without Words , Adventure and Joy the colours were quieter and although I love the simple beauty in natural, muted colours it was wonderful to work with electrifying,  powerful primary colours again for my Passion collection.

Passion 4

Passion 4

Dancing with colour in my last collection was so thrilling recklessly painting with shocking pinks and bold blues.

reckless 2


Reckless 2

I feel so incredibly inspired at the moment, painting with such gorgeous colours is definitely making me smile and I hope it will make you all smile too! I have made a Pinterest Board called ‘Playing With Colour’ packed full of all the wild colours of the rainbow that are inspiring Playtime!

 So important not to let January feel grey!

Jessica xx


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