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My Silk Route Journey with Decorex International 2013

By August 1, 2013March 28th, 2017Blog

I was so thrilled when the Decorex team announced Silk Route for their 2013 theme.

The challenge was  to create a  mood board on Pinterest inspired by  the historical network of interlinking trade paths deriving from the lucrative Chinese silk trade, which was to have a major influence on UK and European design.

The deadline was July 26th, I completely loved pinning all the images  and my pinboard  represents a personal journey of inspiration. I have been fascinated by China and Tibet since I was a little girl. My time spent there as a student affected me profoundly both as an artist and as a person. On my return I wrote and produced a play about my experiences. My paintings are often directly influenced and inspired by China. I am currently creating Architectural Sculptures which will be a deeply personal homage to a country I love so much.

Delighted to be a part of #silkroute!

Here are some of my favourite images, click here to see the completed board. Would love to hear what your favourite image is!


Scenes from my play Remember This #silkroute

Scenes from my play- Remember This


Totally adore these flags in the back streets of Shaghai

Totally adore these flags on the back streets of Shanghai


Wallpaper - China, 18th century.

Wallpaper – China, 18th century.


Amdo. Tibet

Amdo. Tibet






 Morning Beauty



Work in progress on my sculptures – so excited!!


I have been checking out some of the other boards this week that have entered the #silkroute challenge. It’s wonderful to see so many interpretations of this fabulous theme.

Here are a selection of inspirational ‘Silk Route’ pinboards I love!


Alternative Flooring  – Alternative Decorex Silk Route

altenative flooring 2


Floriture – Take the ‘Silk Route’ with Floriture – a fascinating and ancient history of silk flowers, from its Chinese roots 1,500 years ago to Europe via Italy, France and finally Victorian England.

Floriture 2


Curiousa & Curiousa -A collection of images influenced by the Silk Route, which continues to inspire Curiousa & Curiousa to design and produce unique glass lighting.

Curiousa & Curoiusa.2


Barclay Interiors – Join Barclay Interiors as they explore the colours, culture and history of the legendary Silk Road.

Barclay interirors.2


Decorex 13 #SilkRoute Board from the team at Nicholas Haslam

Nicholas Haslam.2