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Introducing Guest Blog ‘A Quiet Style’

By October 30, 2014October 30th, 2017Blog, Guest Blogs

It is always such a pleasure to discover new interior blogs and A Quiet Style by Emma is simply beautiful! I had no idea that she owns some of my early works! I adore her Instagram pics and of course her quiet style. I was delighted that she accepted my invitation to guest blog today.


I was absolutely thrilled when Jessica asked me to write a guest post for her blog, because what she didn’t know when she asked, is that I am a big fan of her work, and in fact, we are the proud owners of 4 of her stunning paintings!

I’ve decided to keep my post simple today, and just tell you a bit about my blog A Quiet Style.  Although I am a bit of an old hand when it comes to blogging, A Quiet Style is actually quite young in blogging terms, as I only started putting fingers to keyboard about 6 months ago.  The concept has however, been floating around in my head for a while, I was just waiting for my post baby brain to clear a bit, and my sleep cycle to return to relative normality after the birth of my second daughter.

A Quiet Style is my little space to share the things I am passionate about; including the beautiful independent shops that I find in and around where I live, such as Workshop in Brighton, boy, could I spend a fortune in this place!

A Quiet Style Workshop

I am a firm believer in natural products and supporting small brands, so when I find ones I love, I like to post about them too.  This candle by Honest smells delicious!




I have always had a thing for interiors, so you will find a few photographs of my house, along with other peoples that I find inspirational.



Another passion of mine is flowers, and this is something I have started to introduce more on the blog, I recently wrote a tutorial for simple wedding flowers,  and I have two new monthly columns that are related to flowers.


And finally, since starting this blog, I have discovered I have a bit of a thing of photography, in fact it would probably be fair to say it has become a slight addiction!  I try to include as much of my own photography on the blog as possible, like all the photos you see here.  But I also have a slight instagram obsession, in fact, I now run a weekly styling challenge on instagram called #gatheredstyle, in which every Tuesday, people share their photographs with me of gathered and found items that they have styled.  My favourite is then published on the blog each week.  I kick the challenge off with my own photo, like this one:

A Quiet Style Instagram

I hope that my post gives a good glimpse into A Quiet Style, thank you so much for having me on your blog Jessica!

Thank you Emma!

Jessica xxx


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