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Instagram – Ten Favourite Feeds

By January 14, 2016October 30th, 2017Blog, Inspiration

I have often talked about my love for Instagram here on my blog but recently I’ve been a bit distracted. More exciting news soon! Beauty is never far away and here are some calm, delicate photos that perfectly suit the season and prove that those who look for beauty, find it.

Here are ten beautiful Instagram feeds that have been inspiring me this week:

first light @circleofpines

First Light @circleofpines

Laura’s window shots are so gentle almost therapeutic.



 A posy from @xxbirdhouse

Olivia’s floral feed so gently captures light



Beauty in decay from @lilialinaea

Lisa brings life to her winter nature shots




Searching for everything beautiful in this world you will eventually become it – @aalmadr


The prettiest dried hydrangeas @harryandfrank

The prettiest dried hydrangeas from @harryandfrank

I love Emily’s quiet, thoughtful posts


Winter windswept @poppybarach

Winter windswept @poppybarach

Poppy’s posts are dark and atmospheric but never gloomy


A calm space to nest and flourish

A calm space to nest and flourish from @live_and_bloom

Sarah’s feed of flowers, food and open spaces


Frosty house windows, Bowie on repeat and the colour mustard from @katgoldin

Kat is making, growing, raising and eating on a windy hill at the edge of the Scottish Highlands.


A touch of pink @lunaa80

A touch of pink from @lunaa80

Dreamy lifestyle posts from Italy


calligraphy @gatheredthreads

Calligraphy from @gatheredthreads

Janice posts gathered moments on a shared journey


And so I am once again inspired by my glorious kingdom Sussex and all it has to offer even if the sunshine only briefly puts in an appearance.

Jessica Zoob Art Inspiration


There is nothing ugly; I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may, – light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful. – John Constable


Hope you are feeling inspired too this month!


Jessica xx


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