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Imago Mundi – Miniature Art Project

By March 30, 2016October 30th, 2017Blog, Jessica Zoob's Latest News

Imago Mundi is the collection of works commissioned and collected by Luciano Benetton on his travels around the world, involving, on a voluntary and non-profit basis, established and emerging artists from many different countries. Each of them has created a work whose only restriction is its 10 x 12 cm format, contributing to the creation of a remarkable artistic geography.

Imago Mundi is a cultural, democratic and global project that looks to the new frontiers of art in the name of coexistence of expressive diversity” – Luciano Benetton


There are currently over 15,000 works in the collection from 113 regions of the world. The next phase will include works from the United Kingdom. I have been invited to contribute with a miniature canvas creation and I am thrilled to be part of this exciting project. This is quite a challenge for me as I am used to working on large canvases but I do have a miniature collection and have painted on canvases 15 x 15 cm. My Imago Mundi piece will be huge but tiny. I’m think of calling it ‘The Eye Of The Beholder’  You’ll have to watch this space to see the completed creation!

Here are some of my favourite small paintings from the Imago Mundi collection:



To learn more about the Imago Mundi art project watch this interview with Luciano Benetton:



Jessica xx


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