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How Does Your Garden Grow?

By July 4, 2013March 29th, 2018Blog

garden collage


I love the link on the fabulous  Mamasaurus Blog  ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’

I am loving my garden at the moment with the gorgeous summer weather we’re having and wanted to join in this week.

I am a passionate gardener but have a postage stamp of a garden. When I bought my home it was just a concrete space and desperately needed transforming.

Some may say that cramming seven trees into a space 3m x 6m slightly insane but it gives a fantastic structure and amazingly there is a real sense of space.  I feel I have created a sanctuary, my own little haven.

It is a shady space so has been a challenge to find  plants that will blossom and flourish. Despite that I have a gorgeous olive tree and beautiful climbers – roses, jasmine, clematis and honeysuckle that all work really well.

You may have spotted the big rocks. These were sourced,  delivered and  meant to be placed by a crane but as I live on  the high street the crane couldn’t park so they had to be manhandled down to the garden. A hugely, heavy task!!

My mission was to create a garden using reclaimed materials to give a sense of age. I love collecting fossils and shells to place in the garden and  producing a collage of different materials.

The center sculpture is of my daughters and I by Gerda Rubenstein, the lifesize portraits of my girls in bronze resin are by the wonderful local Lewes sculptor, Pippa Burley.

The clock, a recent purchase that I couldn’t resist,  is from local antique shop No.1 Lewes

There is nothing I enjoy more than spending a summer afternoon in my tranquil corner.

All my photos were taken using my new favourite toy instagram! Come and find me @jessicazoobart and do let me know if you you are also on IG so I can follow you! 






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