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Honeymoon in Sri Lanka

By February 25, 2016October 30th, 2017Blog, Inspiration, Jessica Zoob's Latest News

Sri Lanka is a magical world of colour and life. With lush tropical scenery, ancient temples and palaces, remote beaches, stunning lakes and waterfalls and incredible wildlife. It is a crazy place at times extremely challenging but it is worth it to see such extraordinary and inspiring beauty.

Here are some of my favourite captures from our very special time on this beautiful island:


So many elephants!

Oodles of elephants in Sri Lanka

It was incredible to get so close to these amazing gentle creatures at the elephant orphanage and to see them roaming wild on safari.

Waterfalls and monkeys in the cloud mountains

Waterfalls and monkeys in Sri Lanka


Extraordinary ruins at the ancient city of Polonnaruwa.

Extraordinary ruins at the ancient city of Polonnaruwa..

We traveled around this ancient royal city by bicycle! The best way to see this huge and extraordinary site full of ruined palaces and temples.


Colours of Sri Lanka

Colours of Sri Lanka (1)

Incredibly inspiring collage of weathered colours, natural beauty and splashes of crazy neon.


Dambulla Cave Temple

Dambulla Cave Temple

I love the faded peaceful calm of this amazing temple. An incredibly beautiful peaceful and magical place.

The soles of the most extraordinary feet I have ever seen!! So beautiful!!

The soles of the most extraordinary feet I have ever seen!! So beautiful!

Camping in Sri Lanka’s largest National Park

Yala National Park

Yala National Park. So beautiful, it felt like a fairytale landscape! We saw so much wildlife including; wild peacocks, kingfishers, a leopard, giant lizards, water buffalo, crocodiles and hundreds of monkeys!

Beautiful deserted beaches

Beautiful deserted beaches (1)


Camping under the stars!

Sri Lanka accommodation

We stayed in some wonderful accommodation. Ridiculously glamorous camping in Yala National Park, Tree houses in Saraii Village and the aptly named Back of Beyond hotel; three rooms and a tree house in the middle of the jungle! heaven!


Probably the highlight for me was our 8 hour adventure on a tiny boat off Mirissa which was utterly horrific until we saw 3 huge blue whales up close and all the pain was utterly forgotten.  A life times dream realised. I really do love Sri Lanka!

Whale Watching


 Truly a place to create unforgettable memories and one which will inspire me for years to come. Thank you Sri Lanka
True love. Sri Lankan honeymoon
Visit my Sri Lanka Pinterest board for more captures from our Sri Lankan adventure.
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