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Guest Blog from Interior Stylist- Jane Eve Anderson

By November 5, 2015October 30th, 2017Blog, Guest Blogs

I feel very privileged to have been asked by British Artist Jessica Zoob to write a little piece for her guest blog. I am such an admirer of her work which features in many of my interior design projects.

My very favourites being her Pleasure Gardens and Smile collections. Jessica’s use of colour and whimsical use of the brush is just stunning. I smile looking at her work!

Jessica has been so kind as to offer me this opportunity to share with her blog readers and fellow creatives a little about what my blog is about…

I am fairly new to the blogging thing. I started Jane Eve Anderson recently when I decided to start out on my own as an interior stylist/designer and I thought blogging would be a fantastic way to share my design ideas, home styling tips and general thoughts with whoever wanted to listen.

I really feel that you can make a lovely styled home spending very little but it is how you go about it that counts. I thought instead of just thinking about these simple tips I could actually put them down in words and hopefully be of some help to someone. I try and find exciting new products and patterns to blog about that people possibly have not come across before, this hopefully inspires the reader and gets people home styling!

I am a super visual person therefore colour and texture is so important to me as you can see in my blogs and on my website

Blogging has become one of the most exciting parts of this new venture for me and I was nominated for the Amara Interior Bloggers Award 2015! It is a superb platform for meeting so many interesting and like – minded people and I would recommend it to anyone with a passion to share!
Thank you Jessica for including me in your blog and I look forward to your upcoming collections and blog posts.




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