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Colour, Textures & Reflections in Magical Venice

By October 23, 2015October 30th, 2017Blog

I have just returned from a perfect, romantic holiday in Venice. It felt like a fairytale and I was continually inspired everywhere I went. It really is an artist’s paradise!

I can’t wait to get back to my studio and create layered, faded, jewel coloured paintings burnished with dull golds and full of intricate, textured details. Venice felt like a magical place to wander through and I hope I can reflect that in my next collection. I feel I will be truly playing with colours!

Venice Street Art

Getting lost in the rain was heaven! We danced to live tango music in St Marks Square at midnight, ate supper on a beautiful terrace opposite the exquisite Santa Maria della Salute and had the most delicious hot chocolate and star shaped, chocolate filled pastries! Every little corner looks like a painting. I love the colours, textures, beautiful decay and faded scraps of street art.


Venice in the sunsine

Venice came alive in the bright sunshine after the rain. Sparkling and breathtakingly beautiful!


Reflections & Textures in Venice

The unbelievably beautiful patchwork of intricate marble tiles spread like a magical carpet underfoot. We walked in the footsteps of 1000’s of souls in St Mark’s Basilica. I adore these soft autumnal colours and the stunning gold mosaics. Such completely inspiring beauty everywhere in picture perfect Venice. Especially the reflections with their shimmering blues, browns and golds.


Magical St Marks Square, Venice

Surrounded by history and stunning art in St Mark’s Basilica! Intricate,  jewel encrusted gold installation depicting religious scenes, magical horse sculptures but I think it was the beautiful ceilings that moved me the most. Each one made of 100’s of 1000’s of miniature mosaic tiles, literally awe inspiring! Ave Maria was being sung as we walked through the doors and I burst into tears!


All in all a magical, inspiring and unforgettable adventure! Thank you so much to all the staff at Al Ponte Antico for making everything absolutely perfect!

If you ever go to Venice I couldn’t recommend this hotel more highly!

Love as always,







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