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Capture by Lucy…Capturing Creatives

By June 8, 2015October 30th, 2017Blog, Guest Blogs

I have been a big fan of Lucy Heath’s blog, Capture By Lucy for the last couple of years and her Instagram feed is one of my favourites and always makes me smile!

(Lucy was featured on my ‘Discovering Lovely Things’ post )

I was delighted when Lucy invited me to take part in her Capturing Creatives series.

I wanted to share the interview with you here on my blog but you can read the entire post on Lucy’s lovely blog here

1. Hello Jessica! Do you wake up in the morning wanting to paint or do you have a habitual routine when it comes to your work?

I do wake up every morning wanting to paint but it’s not always possible! However, I am lucky enough to have an amazing studio not far from my home. It is a wonderful, peaceful space with stunning views of the Sussex countryside and once there I forget everything else and immerse myself in my paintings.

2. How do you decide which colours to paint with?

The choice of colours just seem to come instinctively with each piece I work on. I adore working with oils as the colours are so rich and vivid. In my latest collection Playtime I became obsessed with wild crazy colour!

3. How long does each piece usually take to finish?

It varies but some pieces can take years. The layers of thick, lavish oils are built up and scraped back over weeks and months and the paintings  change and transform until I am happy with the final piece which can be very different to how it started. Almost like building up layers of history and then revealing hidden secrets.

4. Have you got plans to expand your product line? Could you see a clothing range in the future?

I have already collaborated with Romo who translated a selection of my paintings beautifully onto fabrics, wallcoverings and cushions. We are currently discussing possible additions to the Desire range. To celebrate my Playtime solo show in Belgravia which started on the 20th May, I have created a collection of iPad cases, iPhone cases and travel mugs They will only be available for a limited period, until my Playtime exhibition at the Loughran Gallery finishes on June 14th.  I would love to create a couture clothing collection with a fashion designer and I am starting to look for the right collaboration. Art and fashion is such a fabulous combination!

5. How do you feel when you see someone Tweet, Instagram or Facebook a photo of one of your pieces in their home?

It’s wonderful when I see one of my pieces on a social media network. I especially love seeing what interior designers have created with the Jessica Zoob Desire collection for Romo and how it has transformed a room or piece of furniture. You can see many of these on my Pinterest board.

6. Do you have your work in your home?

I have lots of my paintings on the walls of my home. Big Smile, the winner of Elle Decoration’s Best British Design Award is one of my favourites and probably my most treasured piece. I open up my house for the last two weekends of August and the first weekend in September for the Lewes Artwave festival when people can pop in, see old and new works and buy directly from me.


Capture by Lucy Jessica Zoob iPhone case giveaway

Lucy is also running a giveaway on her blog to win a Playtime iPhone case (available to buy here until June 14th) you can enter by commenting on her post or on this gorgeous Instagram photo of a Romo Black Edition Passion 2 cushion

“The first thing we bought for our house was one of Jessica’s gorgeous linen cushions. Wrapped in tissue in a sleek box, it felt like we had purchased a new family heirloom! We didn’t have flooring or curtains or even sofas, but we had the perfect cushion!”

Capture by Lucy's Jessica Zoob iPhone case giveaway


Thanks so much for your adorable blogpost Lucy, I am really touched and delighted!

Jessica x



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