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British Contemporary Art

By May 2, 2013March 28th, 2017Blog

British Contemporary Art encompasses an extraordinary eclectic mix of unique styles and approaches. I often find myself drawn to those British artists working in the middle part of the last century, Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth and Elizabeth Frink.  However, there are amazingly talented British artists working now, I think my current favourite British Contemporary Artist would have to be Banksy.

Contemporary Art is such a vital part of our cultural identity and I love the fact that he is so completely generous and reaches out to everybody not just those who visit art galleries.

There are British Contemporary Artists whose reputation has been created and manipulated by the industry and big business of Contemporary Fine Art collecting and there are many other lesser known British Artists that I feel are quietly and honestly following their own path.

Art will of course always be a personal choice and here are some of my favourites pieces by successful British Contemporary Artists I truly admire:







Ben Nicholson



Barbara Hepworth



Grayson Perry



Elizabeth Frink



Visit my ‘British Contemporary Art Pinboard’  for more work I admire.


Who are the British Contemporary Artists you admire?