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Beauty Felt: Jessica Zoob

By March 17, 2014March 29th, 2018Blog, Guest Blogs

By the fabulous Artsy Forager

I’m a touchy feely person.  As in I love running my hands over interesting textures.  I’m that shopper who touches everything, I run my hands over tree bark and moss when we’re hiking and I have to force myself to refrain from touching artwork anytime I’m in a gallery or museum.  So it kind of goes without saying that I love paintings with lots of yummy texture.  The work of British artist Jessica Zoob is fairly oozing with lovely scrapes and swishes and piles of paint, celebrating the abstract beauty found all around.

From her vibrant palette to the multitude of visual and physical textures in each piece, Zoob creates incredible abstract impressionistic compositions that transport us to dreamy places.  It’s easy to imagine yourself looking up through the clouds into a blinding and beautiful sun or looking down on sandy beaches and coral reefs.  But these aren’t merely abstracted scenes, they carry within them their own story, their own idea of beauty, their own path of feeling.