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Art in Wax!

By February 20, 2014January 18th, 2018Blog, Inspiration

A fascinating technique known as Encaustic Art.

‘The encaustic medium is a mixture of wax and pigment. This wax colour is melted and applied to a surface. The heated tool is similar to a small travel iron, except that it has a high quality thermostat to allow careful control of temperature.’

The encaustic technique is as old as ancient Egypt when a mixture of Beeswax and Damar Resin were heated and  blended together. Once the wax formula was molten the coloured pigments could be introduced. These would mainly have been earth pigments, the right coloured dirt!



In 21st-century art old mediums are making a comeback and there is some stunning encaustic art out there just waiting to be discovered!

Here are some of my favourite pieces via Pinterest:

Nexus, Lorraine Glessner

Nexus, Lorraine Glessner


Nichole DeMent

The Writing is on the Wall, Nichole DeMent


Reflection Brooks Saltzwedel

Reflection,  Brooks Saltzwedel 


A Beautiful Exile Betsy Alber

A Beautiful Exile, Betsy Eby


Interesting that all my chosen pieces are by women!

Do you know any more fabulous artists that use this technique? If so do let me know as I’d love to add them to my Encaustic Pinboard

Jessica xxx