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An Interview With Interior Bloggers 2 Lovely Gays

By December 8, 2016February 26th, 2018An Interview with..., Blog

First in my new feature  ‘An Interview With’ are the 2 Lovely Gays Jordan and Russel, lovely bloggers I met at the Amara Interior Blog Awards and winners of Best Interior Designer and Stylist Blog.

How has your career together in interiors unfolded?

You could say we had a rather Maverick route into design. For us it is a second career if you like. We both trained and worked as actors for the first 10 years of our professional life. The design work came later and felt rather organic in its growth. There is something incredibly freeing about giving yourself the chance to change and begin again.



Have you always been interested in design?

When we met, 10 years ago (gulp), design was a common passion between us from the beginning and all of our spare time and holidays were spent searching out new things in the design world and increasing our knowledge of design. Design is everything to us.



How would you describe your style and how does it differ from each other?

Jordan: I have always been passionate about fashion and that has influenced my style. For me it’s very instinctive and instant.

Russell: I like to tell stories with our designs and so for me it’s a lengthier process of finding out the why of a thing as well as the what.

What excites you about interior design?

You never know who is going to open the front door when you meet a new client and we love to get to know each new client and adapt our style to them. It keeps it fresh and exciting.

What makes a happy home?

A dog

Do you have any design rules?

We don’t live by rules and our designs tend to be ever changing and evolving. We make ourselves aware of the rules but we are happiest when we are free and like to do our own thing.

How important is art in interiors?

Art can be very personal and we like to work closely with all our clients to find the right pieces that speak to them. Art brings something very special into a home, but we prefer to find the right place for a stunning piece of art rather that finding the right piece of art for an empty wall.



How important is colour? 

Colour is often a starting point for our designs. It is so important to us and it’s part of our visual language. Colour is nature and it can be so instinctive. It’s one of the most fun parts of our job.


Where do you seek your inspiration?

Popular culture has a massive influence on us. Last week we went to see a Christine and the Queens gig at Brixton academy and it was so creative and inspiring. We LOVED the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A, that is a constant source of inspiration. We also see a lot of film and theatre. The sets and locations for the film Stoker are stunning and I Am Love is so inspiring for any interiors fan. We also travel a lot to see major design shows and keep in touch with what is happening worldwide. But right now, our home is a major inspiration to us.
What are your top interior design tips? 

-Get the bones right and the rest will come.

-Edit your possessions.

-Final styling is essential.

-Play with scale – have fun with oversized lighting and artwork.

-Limit your colours and materials throughout your whole home to pull all spaces together

What would people be most surprised to know about you?

Russell: I can sing female soprano. I trained at the Royal Academy of Music and before we started our design business I played the role of Mary Sunshine in Chicago The Musical in the West End.

Jordan: I have over 200 pairs of shoes.


Wow what a lot of shoes! Such a joy to interview this lovely pair!

Jessica xx