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Happy Days – Jessica Zoob’s Open Studio May 2016


Jessica Zoob’s Open Studio 2016 #Teaser



Unbelievable Dream



Playtime Launch Party

Jessica Zoob’s Playtime

A glimpse into the world of artist Jessica Zoob as she creates her latest and most joyful collection to date! Playtime.


Jessica Zoob and Romo Black Edition Collaboration

Interview with artist Jessica Zoob and design director Emily Mould from ROMO Black Edition. Working in collaboration with Romo Black Edition Jessica’s emotionally charged paintings have translated beautifully onto fabrics, wallcoverings and cushions. This joyous collection includes intricately printed fine linens, striking panels, exquisite velvets, dramatic wallcoverings and divine cushions.

Adventure Sculpture

Jessica Zoob Passion 2012

It is a rare pleasure for me to put together a film for my sister Jessica Zoob. She is a rare creature amongst young British Artists in that she has carved a successful career as a painter. Last year she showed at the prestigious Medici Gallery in London’s Cork Street. Leonie Irvine said of the exhibition: ‘Zoob recalls the work of Gerhard Richter … and the poetic quality of Claude Monet’s later works.

Art of England’s Helen Chislett says of the new exhibition – Passion: ‘I think these paintings are the best she has ever produced. Electrifying, elemental and powerful.’ The challenge for me as a film maker and editor was to capture both the detail and scale of Zoob’s canvasses and, in a tiny short film, convey a little of the years of work, love and sacrifice that each painting represents.

Using final-cut, after-effects and Jonathan Crane’s great original footage I tried to communicate the kinetic energy that is distilled in these still, but living, images. Above all I wanted to show the bravery Zoob has to have to make these peices and, as a sibling artist,

I am inspired by her to be audacious too as I wrestle with my own work. I only wish I can show the same strength of character and resolve to follow my own difficult and unfashionable path.

For more of Tyrwhitt watch the Madam video for Weekend Love here on Vimeo

Stories Without Words

Jessica Zoob talks about The Stories Without Words Collection

1. Adventure Paintings – 1

2. Adventure Paintings- 2

3. Adventure Paintings – 3

Adventure Collection – Opening

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